Whole Foods Expands Same-Day Grocery In California and Baltimore

same day groceries

same day groceries

It’s not a light matter when Whole Foods is getting aggressive regarding Same-Day Delivery of groceries.  What seemed to be impossible to figure out, more and more retailers are finding the right mix to make same-day grocery delivery successful.  Whole Foods is moving steady and from its’ recent move, it’s clear that the supermarket chain could be aiming to go nationwide with the service.

Internet Retailer recently reported that Whole Foods is again expanding its same-day grocery services, working with mobile grocery shopping app Instacart.  Whole Foods has been working with Instacart since 2014 and has been growing the service ever since.  Instacart CEO Apoorva Mehta commented in the article regarding their growth with Whole Foods, stating “Instacart and Whole Foods Market share a mutual commitment to providing our customers with the easiest and most seamless grocery shopping experience possible.  We look forward to continuing to innovate with Whole Foods Market in the services that we can bring to users.”  Just like other store retailers, Whole Foods is creating the omnichannels that make in-store and online food selling seamless.

The new growth means that Whole Foods will be adding an unspecified number of markets in which it will offer same-day grocery delivery, in addition to the 17 metro areas where Whole Foods customers already have the Instacart delivery option.  Shoppers can order groceries from Whole Foods via Instacart’s mobile app or website in major US cities such as Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. and more.  So far, the announcement only discussed the new expansion markets to include Orange County, California, and Baltimore.  However, Whole Foods desires to reach customers on the go, and it wouldn’t be a surprise that more cities are to come.

Grocery same-day delivery is just like any other retailer that offers the service with non-perishable items.  The pricing must be low and attractive, yet at the competitive and cost-effective.  Whole Foods’ grocery delivers within a one-hour window for $5.99, as well as a two-hour window for $3.99.  Food has to be delivered consistently fast and accurate.  To meet this type of demand, most supermarket chains and retailers partner with a Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier to perform the actual delivery services.  The Baltimore Courier has the courier expertise and technology to match the e-commerce that comes with a mobile app.

To add to what Whole Foods is doing, the supermarket chain is offering customers online coupons.  Just last month, Whole Foods released online coupons through Instacart’s mobile app as well.  The key is getting new shoppers, even loyal customers, try the food delivery service and then this could position Whole Foods for repeat delivery sales.  With Google, AmazonFresh and other e-retailers engaging in grocery retail, Whole Foods is going to need more strategic innovation such as this online.

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