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The Biggest Advantages of Using Air Shipment

There are many different options when it comes to shipping a package. Too many almost, making it hard to figure out which is the right shipping option for your needs. 

If you’re trying to ship something that has high value at a low volume, look no further than Air shipping. Keep reading to learn more about the biggest advantages of using air shipment

Air Shipment Has A Global Reach

Air shipping is unique because it can get your packages basically anywhere. There are dozens of airlines that can each deliver to 200 destinations. While the top five airlines of United, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, and Turkish Airlines can fly to over to 300 destinations.

There are so many airlines with a large network of destinations, making it possible to ship anything anywhere in the world. You can send a shipment to pretty much any worldwide destination with air shipping. 

There are more advantages to air freight over other forms of transportation

Highly Accurate Ship Dates

Airfreight is more reliable compared to other forms of shipping. Especially since in 2016 late arrival of flights was less than fifteen percent, and cancelation rates were less than two percent for the top five airlines. 

This reliability of air shipping made it possible for postal services to guarantee overnight deliveries. While cargo shopping that involves transportation through the ocean has a bigger range of when the package will arrive

This is due to the variability in delivery dates that is caused by the loading and unloading time in ports. This can bottleneck because of not enough space, workforce, machinery or equipment. 

Follow The Status Of Your Cargo

A lot of air shipping companies give you the chance to track your goods online. This allows you to monitor the status of your cargo from its departure to its arrival. 

Many companies give you the opportunity to track your goods using a web application, which means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to keep constantly updated.

You also can track your air-shipped package online. This feature is also becoming more and more common with sea and land shipping as well. 

Less Risk 

There’s also less risk and lower cost when you airship items due to the short transit time. Airfreight has very short lead times, meaning there is less of a chance that goods will be spoiled so you can transport perishable goods. 

This short shipping time also makes it safer to transport valuable goods like jewelry, banknotes and precious metals with a lower risk of theft.

Because of this low risk and a higher level of airport security, insurance rates for air freight are usually ten to thirty percent lower than the ocean freight. This is because items can usually be delivered faster as in less than a week.

These low insurance premiums mean that you save a ton of money. Since the air cargo transportation tends to not take a lot of time, the insurance is less. Even if the actual shipping cost of an item is pricey, you will still save on insurance rates. 

This higher level of security also means there’s less of a chance that items will be damaged or stolen. When you ship by air, there’s a lot of security, as airport safety is very tightly managed. Tight airport security reduces the chances that your package will get stolen or damaged. 

You Can Keep Fewer Items In Stock

Since there is a quicker transit with air freight, there’s less of a need of local warehousing, so you don’t need to keep items in stock. Cargo inspection, customs clearance, and cargo handlers are more efficient, as with air shipping cargo are cleared in just a few hours. 

You don’t need to keep high amounts of items in stock to make sure you don’t run out of items before your next air shipment. Having fewer backstock items in your warehouse means there’s less of a risk that items will get damaged or become obsolete as they wait to get sold.  

It’s The Fastest Shipping Method

When you have goods that need to move quickly, the best solution is air freight. Airfreight is the fasted shipping solution when compared to road transport and sea freight. 

Speed and air-shipping go hand in hand. When you have cargo that needs to move quickly, air freight is your answer. FedEx air freight can ship a package from Hong Kong to Delaware in one to two days, by sea this could take anywhere from thirty to sixty days or even more. 

Air fright tends to move items faster and on a precise schedule. Perishables that have a shelf life such as seafood and or fruit, should be shipped by air because it’s the faster mode of transportation. This will increase the chances that your goods will hit shelves in more than enough time.  

Reliable Arrival And Departure Times

When you ship a package by air, the arrival and departure times of your package are very reliable. Airlines tend to be very on top of their schedules. If a package misses a fight, it’s okay because there are usually flights departing every hour, so this won’t cause that much of a delay.

Air freights has less unpredictable delays than ocean or land freight. For example, there are fewer strikes with the airline industry compared to other industries. Airfreight delays are usually connected to weather conditions.

The weather can also delay land and ocean shipping, but there are also more strikes with trucking and longshoremen unions, and other work slowdowns that can impact shipping. 

Less Packaging Is Needed 

While ocean freight can sometimes accommodate pharmaceuticals and perishable goods due to refrigerated containers, there is a chance you might be charged more for this.

This packaging also needs more protocol and doesn’t move your shipment any faster. You are also moving the package at ocean speed with potential fees and delays that are connected with sea shipping. 

But usually, air shipment needs less heavy packing than ocean shipments. This will save you time and money from paying for extra packing. 

Airship Your Package Today 

Now that you know all the benefits of air shipment, why would you ship an important package any other way? Air shipping saves you money, time and risk. If you want your package to get to its destination efficiently,  you’re going to want to airship it. 

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