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How to Ship Heavy Items Without It Costing You a Small Fortune

If you’ve ever looked up couriers online, you might find out some fun facts.

For example, did you know that courier services date back to Ancient Egypt? Pharaohs used them to communicate with other important people! It’s pretty interesting to see how these mailing services have been used over the years.

In the present day, lots of people still use courier services. If you’re someone who wants to use them, either personally or professionally, you likely know how expensive it can be. But don’t be alarmed! There are ways for you to ship even large items without it costing you a ton of money.

Here, we’re going to give you insider tips about how to ship heavy items and save money, all at once.

Find a Great Courier Service

If you’re a person or a small business that’s trying to ship a box, whether it’s overseas or not, you might have the instinct to try to do everything yourself. This isn’t the most effective or easy way to do things, though contacting a good courier service can save you both time and money.

Basically, a courier service is someone you hire to work out how to ship your packages in the best possible way and see it off to the destination. These professionals will make sure that both you and the person at the other end of your shipping route are happy and satisfied. 

With the help of a service that will let you ship your boxes, you won’t need to worry about getting the boxes to the post office by yourself. You also will have to deal with a ton less shipping paperwork. This will give you the time and energy you need to focus on other things to make your business grow.

Research How to Ship Heavy Items

Shipping heavy items can be a difficult thing to look into because what you need to do depends on where you’re shipping them to. But one thing’s for sure: whether you’re shipping abroad or domestically, you’re going to want to do your research.

Our service can help with this a little bit, sure, but it’s still good for you to be in the know about what’s going on with packages you’re shipping to your friends and family in other places or to business clients you’ll be working with. This way, if you have to field a barrage of questions, you’ll have actual answers.

Plus, researching about shipping large items will make it easier for you and the person you’re sending to track the item, so that’s an obvious plus. You’ll know how to look into this and make sure your package gets there cheaply and quickly.

Look into Flat Rate Boxes

Presumably, you’re reading this article because you want to ship your heavy items as cheaply as you can. One of the best ways to ship anything is by packing your items in a flat rate box.

Flat rate boxes come in all sizes and can be shipped by you or your courier service using any major US shipping service. Basically, these boxes aren’t measured and shipped by weight but instead are shipped at one price for the size of the box, regardless of how heavy its contents are.

So if you’re shipping something really heavy, flat rate boxes are your best friend. If you want to save money, ask your hired service what you can do to make sure you’re sending at a flat rate instead of shipping by weight.

Learn About the Fastest Options

Even if cost and saving money is your top priority, it’s likely that speed is also a factor in how you’re going to ship your heavy boxes. After all, you don’t want to keep the person on the other end of the shipping route waiting, especially if they paid their own hard-earned money for your goods.

Same-day courier companies are really amazing for making sure that your package gets to where it’s going, and fast. They’ll make sure your box’s journey to its destination is as fast and smooth as possible, sometimes even taking responsibility for its next-day arrival!

Also, hiring services like this one and learning about the quickest shipping options go hand in hand with cost-effective shipping. Using same-day services can help you in reducing overall inventory costs as well as vehicle costs!

Do Your Packing

You probably are rolling our eyes about now, thinking that there’s no way that packing can be such a hard thing that we need to dedicate a section of this article to it. But even though packing up your heavy items might not sound too difficult, it’s definitely something you need to consider.

Even though courier services can help with your packing in some circumstances, sometimes you’re going to have to get down and dirty with the fitting of items into boxes yourself. There are a lot of ways that you can maximize your packing space, from folding up certain kinds of items to using the best bags and boxes for what you’re doing.

When you do a good job of packing, you aren’t just making things easier on yourself, your client, and your courier. You’re saving money. Better packing means that fewer boxes or smaller boxes are going to be used in transit, which means that shipping costs are sure to be lower.

Look into the Best Services!

When you’re shipping heavy boxes, you want to find courier services that work for you, learn about different shipping rates, and pack well.

Now that you know all about how to ship heavy items effectively, you might want to check out our courier registration page to get the best services for your shipping needs.

Save a carrier pigeon; hire a courier!