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6 Ways Your Business Can Benefits From a National Courier Service

As you run your business, you’re forced to find a balance between maintaining the current business model while also constantly looking for different ways to refine it.

Finding a way to streamline aspects of your business will gain you an edge over your competition. One of the best ways to do that is by finding a national courier service to team up with.

By doing so, you’re joining forces with experienced professionals that can redefine your entire shipping process. What does that mean in the end? Happier customers!

Here are several benefits you’ll have access to if you were to use a national courier service.

1. An Equal Partnership

As with any other area of your business, if you’re going to team up with an outside service, you want to make sure both sides are benefiting from it. Otherwise, the side that isn’t benefiting will be less likely to hold their side of the bargain.

With a national courier service, they’re always willing and ready to fulfill your shipping needs.

That’s because, if you don’t have a need for them, they don’t get any business from you.

They’ll deliver (pun intended) high-quality service to both you and your customers with every project so that you’ll continue to use them. Better yet, if they keep up the good work, you can refer other people to them as you sing their praises.

National Courier Services pride themselves on efficient shipping methods and surpassing your highest expectations.

2. Same Day Delivery

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where, in order to have your package shipped on time, you need to send it yesterday? Every business experiences that!

With a national courier, you’ll have a shipping benefit that other shipping services won’t be able to offer you: same-day delivery.

That’s right! Now your packages can be sent out, shipped, and delivered all on the same day with no questions asked. 

For example, if you forgot to ship a prototype to your manufacturing plant in Denver, you could send it and have it delivered by the end of the day. Now the process can continue without wasting precious time waiting for the prototype to get there.

Don’t let your shipping limitations hold back your business. From now on, same-day delivery is an option you’ll have in your repertoire.

3. Trustworthy Service

Unfortunately, trustworthy service isn’t something that’s guaranteed in this day in age. 

Luckily, with a national courier, trustworthy and reliable service is something you can count on with each package.

They’ll treat your package as if it were their child, making sure that it gets to your desired destination on time and in perfect condition. They’re constantly looking for ways to further improve a process that’s already tried-and-true.

Do you still have trust issues because you’ve been burned by a delivery service in the past? No problem at all! National couriers have methods for you to be able to track and monitor where the package is at all times.

You’ll be updated as soon as the package arrives. What’s better than that?

4. Innovative Technology

Unless you’re willing to spend your company’s revenue on the best and brightest shipping technology, your shipping methods won’t be able to keep up with the times.

With the huge rise of eCommerce, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the demand for shipping products (and that’s a good thing!).

That’s why your company needs access to the latest technology for its shipping. The national courier service that you use will have all the innovative equipment that you need.

Look no further than the logistics and communication technology that’s needed to pull of a same-day delivery order from Tallahassee to Denver. Thanks to the technology nation-wide courier services have, that’s possible.

5. Affordable Pricing

Say no more, right? If no other reason in this article has convinced you to make the switch to a nation-wide courier service yet, then the price reductions will.

They’ll offer you several shipping methods that can help you save on your costs. Things such as bulk shipping, fleet shipping, and cost per mile are significantly cheaper with a national courier. 

Consider the alternative, which would be carrying out the shipping under your company’s umbrella.

You then have to pay for things such as delivery drivers, trucks, insurance, the vehicles you’ll use, onboarding, licensing, etc. Why add all of that to your plate?

Instead, reach out to your neighborhood-friendly national service and receive a quote to use them.

6. One Less Thing on Your Plate

As a small business, you already have enough hats that you and your employees have to wear throughout the day to keep things afloat. Why add the stress of packaging and distribution?

Instead, use a service that has the professional experience, know-how, and resources to streamline your distribution needs.

In doing so, you’ll be able to free up more time to focus on tasks that your business and clientele are depending on. 

You got this far by overseeing your shipping processes, but that method won’t take you much further. Put your distribution in the hands of a nation-wide courier and witness tremendous growth in your company as a result.

Start Your Partnership with a National Courier Service Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the benefits at your disposal, it’s time to find a national courier service that fits your company’s needs.

Be sure to read this article on eCommerce shipping solutions for more information on how to keep up with your products’ demand.

For more information, start by requesting a quote and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

7 Questions to Ask Before Your Hire a Business Courier

Are you looking for courier services to handle the shipping needs of your business? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 74,120 couriers in the United States. The sheer number of couriers means that there is a lot of competition for your business.

But how can you find a courier that provides the services you want at an affordable price? What other things should you be looking for in your courier? Read on to learn 7 questions to ask before you hire a business courier.

1. How Long Have You Been Handling Courier Services?

It’s important to ensure the courier you are considering has experience in the industry. This is because you will want to know if they are familiar with the business and how to best deliver the services they promise. A courier service that has a reputation for customer service and on-time deliveries can go a long way.

After all, you are hiring a business courier because you have time-sensitive documents or items that need to make it to their destination as you request.

2. What Sort of Training Program Have Your Drivers Received?

Before hiring a business courier, you should learn about any and all training programs they put their drivers through. But why does this matter?

Simply put, having a well-trained driver can help you be more confident that your items will be delivered safe and sound. Besides being a safe driver, you should learn more about their other qualifications.

For example, if you are in the medical field, your documents may include information that is personal and protected. This means you will need someone who is familiar with HIPAA compliance.

3. What Is Your Responsiveness to Customer Needs?

Whether you are shipping goods or buying a product from a retailer, you should only deal with a company that is responsive to your needs.

You can speak with a prospective courier about their customer service program. This will help you get a sense of how they handle special requests and inquiries about delivery status.

In the shipping industry, there are also important considerations like inclement weather and traffic considerations. How does this courier handle communicating a change of plans?

If you are having trouble receiving direct answers to these questions, this could be a red flag. After all, if a business won’t address these inquiries directly right now, how can you expect them to help you when they are handling your courier services?

It’s better to learn these things ahead of time than to learn the hard way in a delivery gone wrong.

4. What Technology Do You Use?

Years ago, hiring a local courier meant finding someone with a good reputation and a reliable mode of transportation.

But that’s changed in today’s digital age. You should speak with your courier about the sort of technology they use in their day-to-day operations.

Some of these technologies you should ask about include whether or not they offer a live tracking system. Another convenient feature to consider is if they allow you to place your orders on the internet.

These forms of technology can help streamline your requests and improve your overall shipping experience.

5. What Delivery Options Do You Offer?

Your business courier should offer a wide range of delivery options and stand by their services.

This is important because you want to be confident that you can count on the courier to complete your delivery under the time constraints for that order.

Does the courier offer same-day delivery for all items? If not, what items are excluded from that list? Consider the sort of items or documents you will be shipping often and the average delivery time.

If a courier does not offer you the options you need, you should look elsewhere.

6. How Does Your Pricing Compare to the Competition?

When you are looking for the best courier, it’s also important to consider whether or not their pricing is competitive.

Speak with a prospective business courier to learn their pricing structure. Then compare it to the competition so that you can determine if it is a reasonable price.

When comparing prices, consider the type of service being offered, along with other unique features of the service that may help justify the cost.

It’s also a good idea to speak with the courier about whether they offer any pricing discounts based on shipping volume. There may be some opportunities to save significant money if you use their services up to a certain level.

If a courier does not offer any volume discounts and they have a high price, they may not be the courier you are looking for.

7. What Makes You Stand out from Your Competitors?

To earn your business, a courier should stand out from the competition in a unique way.

This can be because of the way they handle receiving deliveries, their pricing structure, or the technology they use. But more importantly, it may be the way they treat customers and their focus on providing premier service.

You should speak with a courier about what makes them different. This can help you be more confident that you are choosing the right courier for your company.

Wrapping Up: Questions to Ask Your Business Courier

A courier can help deliver documents or packages in a timely manner at an affordable price.

But to find the best courier for your business, you should speak with them about their service and get a feel for how they operate. By learning in advance what is offered by a courier, you will be able to make an informed decision.

At National Courier and Logistics, we offer a wide range of unique courier services. These include warehousing, freight forwarding, luggage delivery, and other shipments.

Our well-trained staff will identify the best solution to your situation. We do this by weighing all your options and evaluating them against your needs. This allows you to capitalize on our services and complete a fast, successful delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your company’s courier needs.

10 Benefits and Reasons to Use Refrigerated Services

Refrigerated services are far from new. The first refrigerated railroad car was patented in 1867.

This invention sparked a revolution. Food, dairy, and meats underwent a cultural transformation. People could expect different quality and different products all across the United States as a result.

But the benefits of refrigerated services today go far beyond the access to traditional goods. Businesses that select the best-refrigerated transport services can gain access to a larger market base.

With the support of specialized services, companies can lower costs, increase sales, and create more value to the bottom line. Preserving assets, lowering liability, and creating more solid customer relationships are all benefits of refrigerated shipping.

Here are 10 benefits to expect from quality service:

1. Efficient Packing

Professional refrigeration shipping services go beyond keeping products cool. With a trusted service partner companies can realize the major value of logistics support and shipping.

Controlling temperature and protecting shipments has two major components. This includes the density and packing of the cargo, as well as the temperature controls.

Unless both are factored, along with the delivery of cargo along the way, businesses won’t get the protection from their refrigeration systems they need.

Also, too many businesses that use their own shipping fail to maximize their spend. With efficient packing as part of the service, each business can get the full value of every shipment.

2. Training

The business world is increasingly specialized. As part of a standard operating plan, most businesses are working to decide what their core competency is.

Unless businesses focus on their core competency, they are working at a disadvantage. Everything from tech services to human resources is typically open for outsourcing to remain competitive.

The reason is that these partnerships strengthen service offerings. Further, they allow every essential component to be at the high end of expertise.

A trusted refrigerated services provider will have trained professionals to meet every need. This level of training and expertise is impossible for most companies to achieve on their own.

3. Safety

Professional services are more complex than many companies understand. Logistics and transport are the backbone of many successful businesses in the digital marketplace.

But beyond the benefits of these core requirements comes a complex safety standard. The training, documentation, and products required for safety compliance demand experience and attention.

Utilizing the right refrigerated services assures these aspects of business operations are in full compliance. The safety of transport services, as well as the safety of the transported goods, can be assured.

4. Unparalleled Control

Today’s refrigerated transport services offer a high level of temperature control. This control allows for medical supplies, food, and other cargo to be in full adherence to temperature standards.

These temperature controls also offer protection in the unlikely event of a breakdown or flat tire. Even with a delay in the shipment due to unforeseen circumstances, businesses can rest assured their assets will be protected.

Refrigerated serviced don’t simply mean freezing the product. From flesh flowers to highly controlled medical shipments, the level of control from refrigerated transport is the support many businesses require.

5. Keep It Fresh

In the book Ten Restaurants that Changed America, author Paul Freedman details the cultural changes that have shaped American culture. One of the clearest trends in recent time is the shift from mass-produced food goods to local and fresh foods.

People are continually demanding a fresh and customer-centric experience. This expectation requires the support of refrigerated trucking.

Keeping it fresh doesn’t just apply to foods, but it can. Consumers don’t just want healthy, fresh foods — they are willing to pay more for them.

6. Adjusted to Cargo

Refrigerated services are not a one size fits all offering. Different companies have fluctuating needs.

The needs of each shipment are precisely adjusted for with refrigerated services. A trusted service provider will take care to match expectations against equipment performance.

This level of expertise offers companies peace of mind. As their offerings change they can rely on the same provider to tailor service to their cargo requirements.

7. Tracking

Businesses need to provide consumers and 3rd parties information in the now. With tracking services integrated into shipping, every moment is accounted for along the way.

Companies can provide internal and external stakeholders with information in real-time.

8. Overcome The Hot/Cold Barrier

The success of Amazon and other online retailers is a result of catering to the customer experience. In the digital age the more that companies can cater to the unique expectations of their clients, the better.

There is a $600 billion opportunity in the marketplace. Millenials have a preference for ordering food, including hot and cold items.

The right transport partner won’t just give you reliable service. The right transport service will give you access to a whole new opportunity with a changing digital marketplace.

9. Analytics

It isn’t enough to collect data. The competitive advantage data offers resides in the analytics it provides.

Refrigerated transport services professionals will go beyond the basics of data collection. They can match the KPIs of transport to the metrics each company uses to measure performance.

10. Asset Protection

Manufacturers and service providers are right to cringe at waste. Without asset protection, an entire lot can spoil, or fall out of compliance.

Refrigerated transport offers the boost to ROI companies are searching for. By protecting every asset, each component of manufacture or harvest is brought to full potential.

Companies don’t get paid unless they deliver.

The Best Refrigerated Services

Businesses that know the value of securing refrigerated services need to go one step further. It isn’t enough to understand the benefits and reasons.

It’s just as important to select a service partner that can deliver the full benefits of these services. Without experience, expertise, and dependable quality, companies will find their services fall short of reaching their goals.

1-800 Courier is the provider of choice. We help companies boost sales, and provide dependable support and service.

Companies can’t leave their refrigerated transport services to chance. There is too much at stake.

Contact 1-800 Courier today and discover more about how we can help you achieve your refrigerated transport goals.

Sainsbury Tests Same-Day Grocery Delivery in 30 Stores

We’ve seen Amazon pioneer successfully a wave of engagement into Same-Day Delivery of groceries with Amazon Fresh in the US.  From Seattle to New York, the service is in a variety of markets in the US, in addition to launching it in London.  Now same-day grocery is growing in London and BBC Radio talked with grocery chain leader Sainsbury about the service and where it’s headed.

BBC Radio in London has discussed how same-day grocery service is becoming more and more attractive for supermarkets.  Three out of the big four have become involved with implementing and testing online grocery delivery.  Tesco is testing the service in London and the South-East, Morrisons has partnered with Amazon Fresh and Sainsbury’s is piloting it in 30 stores. Grocery retailer Asda has not decided to jump into same-day groceries yet.

Sainsbury is currently testing same-day grocery delivery in 30 stores, and has its’ sites on expansion.  However, the grocery chain leader wants to work out all of the kinks before it does.  Right now with the stores that are offering same-day grocery service, a customer can place their order online by midday and have it delivered that evening.  The fee can be up to 9 pounds, which equates to a little over $11 US dollars.  Orders made by subscribers, or over 100 pounds, would be be free.

One of the primary hurdles for delivering groceries fast has always been costs.  It could be a challenge to generate a profit.  Same-day grocery delivery goes beyond the transportation element.  It entails the pick and packing costs, storage, employee, and other operational expenses specific to the business that could be involved.  Sainsbury mentioned that its’ focus was on giving its’ customers what they want, and relative to taking a loss to offer same-day grocery delivery, it would consider individual store costs on a whole scale.

The radio did a spotlight of a grocery store worker picking and packing an online order.  One part of the process discussed was the actual selecting of the fresh fruit and vegetable items that are ordered.  Although time is critical, the employee stated they had to make sure that the foods selected were ripe and fresh, even something themselves would pick.  With grocery delivery already with a small margin at start-up, choosing the wrong food items or selecting rotten fruit could result in re-delivery costs, as well as customer loss.

An actual delivery by Sainsbury was made that afternoon and BBC went along with them.  The Sainsbury store packed up 45 orders to deliver.  One customer delivered to when asked about same-day grocery service, said that he used it before and it was good. Upon delivery, when asked about the cost of it, the customer stated they paid 5 pounds and that it was fine.

Convenience is heavily trending right now and the retailer that can meet customer demand, will be the ones that thrive. A Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier can partner with grocery stores that are seeking to test and implement the service in the US.  The Los Angeles Courier has a national footprint and the delivery expertise to develop an optimal same-day grocery service solution that works.

Reference: 1.25.17, BBC News, Why same-day online food shopping is the next big thing

Snapdeal and dPronto Grow Same-Day Delivery in India

Global shipping conceptIn the US, various big name retail companies are partnering together to get the best out of their e-commerce via Same-Day Delivery.  It is not only swiping across the US to capture more online sales, it is also moving beyond just a trend worldwide.  Same-day delivery has a forecasted increase to $987 million by 2019 in the US.  With the online retail growth in other countries, the service will probably be even higher in those countries as well.  For all the right reasons, two companies in India have decided to make a strategic move, and it involves using same-day delivery to go to the next level.

First Post recently reported that Snapdeal and dPronto have partnered in an effort to offer same-day delivery throughout India.  The partnership will enable Snapdeal to expand it’s customer base into 600 towns across the country, utilizing dPronto’s delivery staff to perform the actual deliveries.  The delivery expert is a last-mile delivery company with a niche of working with e-commerce companies (including hyperlocal market places), offering them last mile logistics services.  DPronto executes their services by leveraging trained fresh manpower supply, disruptive technology and efficient processes that minimize delivery turnaround times and optimize costs.

DPronto’s trained delivery staff will pick up packages from Snapdeal’s sellers or fulfillment centers, and then, deliver the packages to Snapdeal customers the same day.  Whenever a company expands same-day delivery, the last thing a retailer wants to compromise accuracy and on-time service.  With fast service comes a high level of demand for both of these core competencies.  Snapdeal currently has an on-time success rate of 90% with same day delivery, yet will it be able to effectively handle the increase.

DPronto also will be created more jobs there, in particular for India’s youth.  Ashish Chitravanshi, Vice President, Operations at Snapdeal, commented on the initiative stating, “dPronto’s initiative of empowering the less privileged youth by making them employable is highly commendable.  We are excited to be partnering with them to further strengthen our last mile delivery capabilities as we remain committed to our promise of catering to every customer in every pin code.”

Macy’s is an example of a retailer that joined with start-up company Deliv to meet online fulfillment demand from their stores.  Initially, Macy’s used Deliv to perform same-day delivery in 8 major US cities, which included Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Chicago.  Sister company Bloomingdale’s also launched the service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago also.  Macy’s now has same-day delivery in at least 17 markets, leading the way right along with Amazon.

Like Snapdeal, retailers and other businesses can partner with a Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier to expand their e-commerce reach and expand with same-day delivery across the US.  The New York Courier has the nationwide footprint to accommodate any big company with multiple big city locations with last-mile deliveries.  The courier is a trusted source for accurate and on-time same-day logistic solutions.

Reference: 3.3.16,, FP Staff, Snapdeal partners with dPronto to expand its customer base for same day delivery

Overstock 4th Quarter Sales Low, But Same-Day Delivery Can Create Growth

online shoppingIt takes a lot for online companies to remain steady and have revenue success with their business model. has been just like other big e-retailers, seeking after capturing more market share, not to mention competing with the likes of Amazon.  The numbers show that Overstock didn’t have quite the big year it desired, yet it still did grow. grew revenue last year, being at an increase of 10.7%.  This equated to of $1.66 billion, up from $1.50 billion in 2014. However, sales growth was slower during the fourth quarter, going up by only 2.1%, a difference of $480.3 million from $470.4 million the prior year.  This is found to be interesting being that the fourth quarter is the highlight for retail sales, especially to make up for any quarter losses in the prior quarters of the year.  Overstock could have been looking to have generated more revenue between Black Friday and Christmas.

What could be at the source of the low revenue was due to Overstock’s increasing popularity of its’ multi-tiered Club O loyalty program.  The article stated that per the e-retailer’s filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it changed Club O into a two-tiered system, silver and gold, that allows shoppers to earn rewards instead of coupons, which may have hurt Overstock’s short-term numbers.  A key figure was that the company’s gross profit in the fourth quarter went down 2.7%, equating $83.1 million, which is down from $85.4 million in 2014. did comment in the article regarding the impact of its’ shift from coupons to a rewards system for its’ customers.  Overstock stated, “We believe that the shift from coupons to rewards will benefit us in the long term, but we have experienced some difficulties with the transition, and in the short term we believe it slowed our revenue growth as customers take time to become accustomed to this change.  We are continuing to test and refine our approach in this transition.”

Also during last year’s fourth quarter,’s partner revenue went up to $446.7 million.  This was a 4.4% jump from $427.8 million the year prior.  Partner revenue involved Overstock orders that were fulfilled by other retailers that sell through its’ website.  Many companies are finding that what can boost sales is the offer Same-Day Delivery as an option for shoppers to get their online items faster.  Retail leaders like Amazon, Google, Macy’s, and more all have the perspective that to grow in today’s market, the delivery aspect of online retail is becoming just as vital as the actual customer purchase itself.

With online shopping is expected to reach to $500 billion by 2018, companies like which will result in more and more companies seeking after delivery companies that have the technology to literally get customers online items where they are.  1-800 Courier is a Chicago Courier that is a viable option for any retailer to partner with for optimal same-day solutions.  The Same-Day Courier uses the latest in courier technology to help companies deliver nationwide, from in-store pick ups to fulfilling orders online.

Reference: 2.10.16,, Matt Lindner,’s sales grow 2.1% in Q4, 10.7% for the year

Can Companies Keep Up With Same-Day Delivery?

Courier ServiceThere are a number of tests that have gone into getting same-day delivery on the map as a true dynamic service option for retailers, even to the point of being a marketing magnet for shoppers.  These days, customers want their online items faster than they can order them, as businesses in the US and globally are looking for answers to consistently meet this level of demand.  The companies that can keep up, will thrive; those that can’t, will end up falling far behind within the transformation of e-commerce as we know it.

The New York Post released an article about how companies are aiming to make shopping easier for customers.  With today’s online business, retailers are having to bridge the gap between getting their website in front of people on their ipad or tablet, and what they order into their hands in a convenient, simple way.  One of the best times to roll out same-day delivery has been before the holidays.  Macy’s did so in 2013 and aggressively launched the service in 8 major US cities, while sister company Bloomingdale’s started in 4 cities also.  Now, Macy’s has same-day delivery in more markets then even Amazon, and some experts have stated that the department store leader is probably the biggest competitor against the global robust leader.

“People are getting more and more accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it,” stated Deliv Founder Daphne Carmeli, which handles same-day delivery for department store leader. This has led to e-retailers like Amazon and Google to take their online presence to the next level to compete with physical stores. For example, Amazon first began with two-day shipping for Prime members, then to Prime Now in which it can deliver online items within hours. Yet, Amazon is going for it all with launching free same-day delivery last year in several major US cities, forcing even companies like BestBuy, Ace Hardware, Uber, Toys-R-Us, and more to keep up.

Recently, there have been big name companies that are rolling out the last-mile service, coupled with an online store pick-up option.  Brick-and-mortar stores know they have to reach every market segment, including the shopper that says I’ll come to the store to pick it up, but not the shop for it.  Their tech gadget is the store now.  Carmeli made known in the article that one third of purchases were made online and picked up in-store.  Online retail is forecasted to grow to $500 billion by 2018, which gives us a clear view on a certain level of expansion for store pick-ups.  Cameli’s additional point made was that stores should be able to deliver the same percentage of items that are picked up at the store.

It takes time to build a solid same-day program, along with accurate delivery models.  A Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier is increasing its’ reach in the US, partnering with various retailers and businesses to implement same-day delivery.  The Houston Courier has a nationwide footprint and the driver expertise to deliver online items efficiently, even within a few hours.  With same-day delivery, 1-800 Courier is indeed helping businesses keep up with the innovation occurring within the e-commerce world, and door-to-door delivery will continue to be a growing demand.

Reference: 12.27.15,, Catherine Curan, Companies aim to make shopping even easier

Pricing Becoming A Driving Factor With Same-Day Delivery

Courier ServiceIt takes time to get a good delivery system going for a retailer to begin to see a profit with same-day delivery.  It also take the right demographics and infrastructure to fit like a puzzle to make the service last.  Some retailers are marketing it just right to be attractive to customers.  However, the Denver Post is commenting that the fee for same-day delivery is what has shoppers talking.

According to an article by the Denver Post shoppers are enjoying the service aspect of same-day delivery, but not the price for it.  More than likely, retailers are seeking after a way to make their deliveries free, such as Amazon.  The retail leader has launched free same-day delivery in 14 Los Angeles metropolitan cities earlier this year, as wells as recently adding Chicago and Orlando.  This makes Amazon’s total of same-day markets is 16, and they are anticipated to grow even more throughout the US.  Same-day delivery is free for Prime members for all orders over $35.

To make the service free is an idea from Amazon, which appears to have the model that shoppers want.  Since Amazon has broken the barrier, it has the retailers are trying to beat the retailer at something it appears to be mastering.  Shipping industry expert Satish Jindel stated in the article, “Retailers trying to compete with Amazon on the road Amazon created will always be at a disadvantage”.  Where Amazon is going, other retailers take notice and are making striders to keep up.

Macy’s is one the biggest competitors of Amazon when it comes to same-day delivery, partnering with Deliv to make it happen.  Deliv CEO Daphne Carmeli said, “Over the past 18 to 24 months, Amazon has been pushing the bar” for fast and cheap delivery.  If you’re in retail, you have to step up to the new bar.” The crowdsourcing approach by Deliv causes its’ delivery model to work for Macy’s.  The department store leader has 17 US markets that it is providing same-day delivery, which is more than Amazon.  It has over 800 stores that makes pick up and local delivery easy.  For all orders over $99, shoppers can get same-day delivery for only $5.

Most retailers are charging between $5 and $20 for their same-day delivery service.  Etsy and Apple are both working with Postmates in New York for door-to-door service for a $15 flat fee.  Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, BestBuy, Ace Hardware, and others are all engaged in some form of same-day delivery.  It takes a good driver fleet to get deliveries to their destination within hours on a consistent basis.  Yet, the service charge is what handles driver costs, fuel and infrastructure.

The demand for same-day delivery will continue to grow, and retailers will have to find the right mix between being cheap for the customers and making a profit for themselves.   A Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier can help retailers develop an optimal same-day solution to accomplish both.  The Houston Courier has the courier delivery expertise to get your online items to your customers fast.  For retailers, this is a fitting time to quickly implement same-day delivery to capture holiday sales.

Reference: 11.29.15,, Mae Andersen, Everyone loves same-day delivery, until they have to pay

Deliv Acquires Zipments To Grow Same-Day Delivery Services

Courier ServiceIt takes a lot of coverage area in order to handle deliveries for big companies like Macy’s and BestBuy.  With the way same-day delivery is growing within the retail industry, a startup like Deliv has to be able to handle multiple locations throughout the US all at one time successfully.

This is why Deliv has made strategic moves to establish itself on a greater level in big cities.  It was recently reported that Deliv has announced an acquisition of same-day delivery company Zipments in New York.  This is the second acquisition by Deliv this year.  The first was WeDeliver in June, which was to give them a stronger presence in Chicago.  Both New York and Chicago are two of the biggest retail cities nationwide, and with Deliv’s current customers, these buyouts make sense.  Going by the trend, there probably will be more big city acquisitions to come.

Deliv utilizes a crowd sourcing approach to performing its’ deliveries and acquiring Zipments only helps it be able to handle a big city like New York.  Deliv is making some serious moves to expand right along with its’ partners, which include Kohl’s, BestBuy, Express, Pottery Barns, and others.  Same-day delivery is sourced for mall-based retailers directly from their stores, which Deliv picks up and delivers to their customers for them.  A Same-Day Courier like 1-800Courier is a partner to a number of big retailers as well.  The New York Courier has a nationwide footprint and is able to quickly implement same-day delivery on a large scale, especially as businesses are looking to capture more sales this holiday season.

New York is one of the most popular cities for shopping for one of its” biggest partners–Macy’s.  With over 17 markets in the US, Macy’s has aggressively rolled out same-day delivery for its’ customers in several major US cities.  Some of those cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, ,Seattle, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Chicago.  Its’ sister company Bloomingdale’s has also launched same-day delivery in some of those cities, which Deliv is probably servicing also.

Founder and CEO Daphne Carmeli did comment in a press release about why Zipments fits into Deliv’s overall strategy.  “Zipments has established itself as the leader of same-day delivery in New York City, and the team has done a magnificent job building up its profitable business in this prime and complex market,” Carmeli said. “When you consider that one of the keys to our business is route density, joining forces enhances operational inefficiencies. We also share a similar philosophy, similar business model, and similar clients, so Zipments is a great match for us on multiple levels.”

Deliv has the holiday season to deal with, which is right around the corner.  As Black Friday arrives, many retailers are in pursuit to see who can meet the online demand of consumers desiring different ways to shop this year, including using same-day delivery.  Instead of having to fight through parking lot traffic, as well as traffic within stores, there is market of shoppers who would like to just order their gifts from their couches.  Home shopping not only is convenient, it can save a bunch of your time.  So now it’s just not about having the best online deal, but also having the best online deal with the best order fulfillment service.

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BestBuy Goes Same-Day Delivery Before The Holidays

Courier ServiceRetailers know that the holiday season is the best time to gain additional sales, or at the least recoup some of the below average sales month during the year.  It takes a good retail company to figure out what will work for them and BestBuy is one of them.  It has come to the conclusion that same-day delivery is something that isn’t going away, and it’s best for BestBuy to dive right in, or get left behind.

BestBuy has decided to begin testing same-day delivery in San Francisco and its’ surrounding areas.  Since Black Friday is almost here, BestBuy is seeking to have it rolled out prior to it.  The electronic retailer isn’t doing it alone.  Deliv will be the new partner of BestBuy that will be handling the actual deliveries for them.  It utilizes a crowdsourcing approach to meet online order fulfillment and the pick ups will be directly from BestBuy stores.  With BestBuy having over 400 stores nationwide, the service being from stores will be very effective and convenient.

Macy’s is another big name retailer that partnered with Deliv as well to perform store-sourced deliveries.  In 2013 before the holiday season, Macy’s launched same-day delivery in 8 major US cites: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, ,Seattle, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Chicago.  Bloomingdale’s also launched the service that year in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Chicago.  Now, Macy’s offers same-day delivery in multiple US markets, exceeding even the service areas of Amazon.

The e-retail leader Amazon currently has less service areas; however, it has launched free same-day delivery in 14 Los Angeles metropolitan cities earlier this year.  Last month, Amazon expanded its’ Chicago and Orlando.  The service is free for Prime members for orders over $35.  Amazon now has free service in 16 markets.  No other big name retailer that has same-day delivery is offering if for free. Nationwide same-day delivery is definitely where Amazon is headed, yet the question is will free service follow.

Demand is growing for faster service by shoppers online and companies like Amazon, Google, Macy’s and more are targeting same-day delivery to meet it.  A Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier has a number of companies that is provides last-mile deliveries for throughout the US.  The Memphis Courier has a nationwide footprint and has the ability to grow its’ delivery logistics as your business grows.  When a service like same-day delivery is a dependable option for shoppers to use to get their online items fast, this opens the door for increased sales in other markets.  A customer that likes your same-day delivery service when they need something fast, will be more inclined to buy from your company when they don’t.

Online retail is forecasted to reach $500 billion by 2018 and retailers are using same-day delivery to gain that segment of shoppers they want convenience.  It makes companies have the versatility that technology demands to conduct a higher level of e-commerce.  BestBuy is doing just that, as well as store retailers like Kohl’s.  The clothing store has had same-day delivery and by Black Friday, Kohl’s will have same-day delivery in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Brooklyn/Queens, Northern New Jersey, Boston, and Miami.  We’ll see what BestBuy does after the holidays.

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