Macy’s Moves Forward With More Same-Day Delivery Expansion

Same Day DeliveryFor Macy’s, it is full stream ahead with expanding its’ same-day delivery programs throughout the US.  It had no thought of slowing down its’ momentum, just like Google, Amazon, Uber, and others. USA Today reported that Macy’s is expanding into nine more US markets this month.  With the addition of the new service areas, it will surpass Amazon’s presence with having the most cities with same-day delivery.  The article mentioned that one of the primary reasons for the expansion is its’ stores now have the capability to stock in-store inventory, in addition to its’ delivery partner Deliv can transport the online orders from store to the shopper’s destination.

In a statement, R.B. Harrison, Macy’s chief omnichannel officer, gave remarks on the importance of establishing this new core service. Same-day delivery “is an important part of our value proposition as an omnichannel retailer”, he said.  The retail giant operates about 885 stores nationwide.  This means stores will be just like warehouses for online orders.  Macy’s service involves same-day delivery for all online orders placed up to 1pm, with the exception of its’ Sunday time frame by 11 am.

The expansion again comes right before the holiday season, as the retailer did last year.  Macy’s strategically partnered will Deliv and launched same-day delivery in 8 major US cities, which included San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Chicago.  Sister company Bloomingdale’s followed suit and launched the service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago also.  Selective cities for the service have the demographics and sales volume for same-day delivery to grow steadily.  Technology is having its’ part in fast delivery because shoppers have ease of access to online ordering and it will only increase in the years to come.

Macy’s is racing for good reason.  Google is on the move, as well as Amazon, which recently rolled out free same-day service in California to Prime Members.  The retailer has stated that more major US cities are to come, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle-Tacoma, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and Atlanta.  There will be more than 500 cities and towns included at the launch in the future.  Overall, the competition is growing, as companies like Uber engage in testing different delivery innovations in major cities as well.

In spite of what other companies are doing, Macy’s is focused on capitalizing on the advantage of having multiple department store locations.  This results in easy last-mile deliveries to their customer’s front door.  This is the difference with web-based retailers that physical store retailers have the ability to do.  Some of them partner with a same-day courier like 1-800 Courier to deliver online or in-store orders.  The New York Courier has a track record of supplying logistical expertise and courier delivery methods that create optimal logistic solutions.  As Macy’s expands with their delivery provider, other retailers can use 1-800 Courier’s national footprint and do the same.

Reference:  8.5.15, USA Today, Hadley Malcolm, Macy’s expands same-day delivery