Technavio Research Forecasts Same-Day Delivery Growth By 2019

Courier ServiceWe’ve known that same-day delivery was on the incline, yet now we are beginning to here about it more frequently.  It is getting the type of notoriety that it deserves.  As technology steers demand higher for more convenience for shoppers and businesses, same-day delivery is being forecasted to grow right along with it.

In fact, the service is estimated to reach over $987 million by 2019 says Technavio market research.  E-commerce has grown by 40% annually, which is the catalyst to expected growth and the increasing use of it.  Online retail is where most businesses are seeing that customers are conducting their search for new products, discounts, shopping, and more.  With the competition so heavy within several industries that engage in e-commerce, retailers and a variety of companies are in hot pursuit to separate themselves with providing a last-mile service that is attractive to customers online.  The forecast also mentioned how  a good same-day service delivers within 4-5 hours also.

Same-day services growing is not only a result of business-to-customer demand, but also business-to-business and customer-to-customer as well.  Primarily same-day delivery is used for businesses via online to get shoppers their items to their front door.  In the year’s ahead, customers may get more involved in getting things delivered to other people the same day.  Home-based businesses could have same-day delivery begin to be a staple service for them, especially if they are involved with e-retail.

The article discussed in detail about same-day delivery in relation to business-to-customer markets and that the e-commerce marketplace is the biggest revenue generator for this segment.  One of the main companies spearheading the charge is retail leader Amazon.  The retailer offers the service in several   majore US cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, San Diego, Phoenix, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas-Fort Worth, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Washington DC, and Atlanta.  Chicago and Orlando were added late last year as cities that Amazon would provide same-day delivery to its’ Prime members free.

Other companies are all in with same-day delivery as well and will be key competitors to Amazon in the years to come.  Macy’s continues to partner with delivery company Deliv to provide same-day delivery in several US cities.  Every year Macy’s has expanded into more markets, and even now the department store leader has surpassed Amazon in markets that it offers the service.  Last year, Kohl’s added six more major US cities, including Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn/Queens, Northern New Jersey, Miami, and Philadelphia.

Well-known Uber is testing same-day delivery in several US cities.  Etsy ASAP is rolling out more the service and newcomer Roadie is matching travelers with cargo also.  Since same-day delivery will be a vehicle to ultimately increase sales, retailers and businesses can partner with a Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier to transport items for them. The Houston Courier is a viable option for providing fast deliveries nationwide and can be a vital asset to seize the emerging markets.

Reference:  1.14.16,, Same-Day Delivery Market in the US 2015-2019