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Deliver ASAP: 8 Awesome Things You Can Get Same-Day Delivered

Same-day delivery is a growing industry and more and more retailers are realizing that they need to deliver ASAP. We’re familiar with some of the things that you can get delivered: Amazon parcels are a prime example. Yet what you might not know is that there are a whole host of other things that you can get same-day delivery on.

The world of couriers and delivery is constantly changing and we know it can be confusing. We’re experts in package delivery and have already shown you online stores that offer fast shipping. Today, we’re going to take a look at some surprising items that you can get same-day delivery on.

Ready to find out more? Read on!

1. Groceries

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out to the store, come back and start unpacking your groceries and oh no! You’ve forgotten the milk!

Well never fear, concerned customer! There are multiple different companies out there that offer same-day delivery on groceries. When you need them to deliver ASAP, look to one of these companies:

  1. Costco, who deliver same-day in most major metropolitan areas
  2. Google Express, which lets you shop at Walgreens, Walmart, and Target
  3. Whole Foods in selected cities
  4. Walmart, which offers same-day delivery to 40 percent of American households.

2. Flowers

Are you preparing a romantic gesture for your loved one? If you’ve forgotten to arrange flower delivery and you need to get some flowers to your partner ASAP, then you’re in luck, as multiple florists now offer same-day delivery.

You can assemble a custom bouquet or choose a ready-made one. As long as you’ve ordered in time, you’ll be able to get those flowers to your partner in no time at all and make her day go with a bang. Perfect for those would-be fiances with poor timing (don’t worry guys, we’ve all been there).

3. Makeup and Hair Products

Getting ready for a night out and realized that you don’t have all the crucial parts of your look? Then you can hop on a number of beauty websites and get your products delivered.

You could even go one step further and get beauticians delivered to your house! The Glam App is an app that serves several cities across the US and can get beauticians, makeup artists, and hairstylists to your home that very same day. If you’re in need of a little TLC or want to make sure you look incredible tonight, this service could be what you need.

4. Important Documents

Getting critical documents to business partners and clients is a hugely important part of the business. In today’s fast-paced world, you can’t rely on the postal service and their slow delivery when a business could be at stake.

Happily, you can get important documents delivered same-day by couriers, such as ourselves. Depending on the courier, your documents may also be covered by insurance, which means that if anything goes wrong and you lose these valuable documents, you’ll be protected.

Same-day delivery is the best way to get those contracts, budgets, and other important business documents to their recipient in no time at all.

5. Wine

You bought the flowers for your loved one, did you get the wine for that romantic dinner? Maybe you want some wine to pair with that steak that you’re cooking for your colleagues? Whatever reason you need wine right now, there are multiple different companies in the US offering same-day wine delivery to major metropolitan areas.

If you’re lucky, your local liquor store may have partnered with a local courier company like ourselves, which means you can get your wine in a matter of hours! Whether you need a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, there’s no reason to let a lack of wine spoil your plans!

6. Clothes

If you need new accessories to finish your look off or want a new pair of shoes delivered, you don’t need to wait a few days to get them! Online clothes shopping has come a long way in recent years and it’s getting even better.

Online clothing giant ASOS offers same-day delivery on the hottest fashion. To get it to you on time, ASOS will hand their products over to a local courier who can deliver asap and get you your new favorite part of your wardrobe.

7. Exotic Candy

Is your candy bar just not doing it for you anymore? Do you want something a bit more interesting, a bit more exotic? Then you should look to the far east and it’s delicious candies.

Whether you want to munch on Pocky or enjoy a green tea KitKat, there are services out there that offer Japanese candy with same-day delivery!

So how does it work? The company will import candy from Japan and store it in its warehouse. It will then hand the candy to a local courier who can get it to you within hours. Not bad at all, right?

8. Cakes

Is it a birthday or another special occasion? Do you just fancy a slice of cake? Hey, we’re not judging you.

A lot of local bakeries now offer same-day delivery on their baked goods, including cakes and pastries. They partner with local couriers to make sure that customers in their area can get their sugar rush that same day.

If you’re looking for something to tempt your sweet tooth or that of your friends, check if your local bakeries offer same-day delivery! You might be surprised.

How Companies Can Deliver ASAP

You might be wondering how companies can deliver these goods so quickly. What’s changed that means they can now deliver ASAP?

Well, same-day delivery is the result of smart logistics and the local courier revolution. If you need goods delivered in your local area, you should reach out to a local courier, not a huge multinational.

That’s where we come in: we’re a local courier with locations across the United States. If you need to deliver goods to your customers, we can help you. If you’ve got any questions for us, please get in touch by calling: 800-268-7437