Snapdeal and dPronto Grow Same-Day Delivery in India

Global shipping conceptIn the US, various big name retail companies are partnering together to get the best out of their e-commerce via Same-Day Delivery.  It is not only swiping across the US to capture more online sales, it is also moving beyond just a trend worldwide.  Same-day delivery has a forecasted increase to $987 million by 2019 in the US.  With the online retail growth in other countries, the service will probably be even higher in those countries as well.  For all the right reasons, two companies in India have decided to make a strategic move, and it involves using same-day delivery to go to the next level.

First Post recently reported that Snapdeal and dPronto have partnered in an effort to offer same-day delivery throughout India.  The partnership will enable Snapdeal to expand it’s customer base into 600 towns across the country, utilizing dPronto’s delivery staff to perform the actual deliveries.  The delivery expert is a last-mile delivery company with a niche of working with e-commerce companies (including hyperlocal market places), offering them last mile logistics services.  DPronto executes their services by leveraging trained fresh manpower supply, disruptive technology and efficient processes that minimize delivery turnaround times and optimize costs.

DPronto’s trained delivery staff will pick up packages from Snapdeal’s sellers or fulfillment centers, and then, deliver the packages to Snapdeal customers the same day.  Whenever a company expands same-day delivery, the last thing a retailer wants to compromise accuracy and on-time service.  With fast service comes a high level of demand for both of these core competencies.  Snapdeal currently has an on-time success rate of 90% with same day delivery, yet will it be able to effectively handle the increase.

DPronto also will be created more jobs there, in particular for India’s youth.  Ashish Chitravanshi, Vice President, Operations at Snapdeal, commented on the initiative stating, “dPronto’s initiative of empowering the less privileged youth by making them employable is highly commendable.  We are excited to be partnering with them to further strengthen our last mile delivery capabilities as we remain committed to our promise of catering to every customer in every pin code.”

Macy’s is an example of a retailer that joined with start-up company Deliv to meet online fulfillment demand from their stores.  Initially, Macy’s used Deliv to perform same-day delivery in 8 major US cities, which included Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Houston, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Chicago.  Sister company Bloomingdale’s also launched the service in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Chicago also.  Macy’s now has same-day delivery in at least 17 markets, leading the way right along with Amazon.

Like Snapdeal, retailers and other businesses can partner with a Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier to expand their e-commerce reach and expand with same-day delivery across the US.  The New York Courier has the nationwide footprint to accommodate any big company with multiple big city locations with last-mile deliveries.  The courier is a trusted source for accurate and on-time same-day logistic solutions.

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