Google Going to New York with Same-Day Delivery

same day deliveryAmazon has been making heavy strides with utilizing Same-Day Delivery to meet the trending online shopping demand.  It is to the point that many big name web-based and brick-and-mortar retailers are find they have no choice but to follow suit or get left behind.  This is exactly what Google is doing and its’ latest strategic move is showing that the e-retailer has a plan to capture more market share of its’ own.

Fox 5 News in New York recently reported how Google has launched its’ own same-day delivery service–Google Express.  The new service will allow shoppers to order from major retailers like Costco, Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and PetSmart.  These are some of the biggest names in retail that are in hot pursuit of Amazon also. If shoppers are desiring convenience, instead of increasing sales by attracting them to come shop at the store, Google and the major retailers will bring the online products to them–right to their front door.

The report discussed how nearly 70 million people in over a dozen states in the US, including the tri-state areas, will have the ability to easily order online from their smartphones.  This means there will be a lot of volume, which is one of the mean essentials for same-day delivery to work.  For example, a prime retailer like Whole Foods, which already offers same-day delivery in some major US cities like Atlanta, will only strengthened its’ customer loyalty base, as it expands together with Google in New York.

“Google Express is a number of items you can order via Google and Google Express and have it delivered in under an hour,” commented online shopping expert Michelle Madhok in the article.  Shopper will be able to pay either a per-order fee or an annual fee, which Google  Express subscribers will pay $95 a year, versus Amazon Prime’s $99.  Madholk went on to say, “Depending on the item, some will take a little longer, but you can click ‘get this today”.  The roll out makes sense for Google to expand in New York right before the holiday shopping season begins.  It is one of the prime cities in the US to capture end-of-the year sales for retailers, as Google can potentially team up with physical store retailers to move store product via omnichannel initiatives.

Google’s biggest competitor Amazon has had a lot of momentum, aggressively establishing same-day delivery within major US cities nationwide.  Thus far, Amazon has free same-day delivery in a total of 27 city markets, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle-Tacoma, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Boston, Tampa Bay, Baltimore,Washington DC, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Tucson, Charlotte, and more.  To affirm how much pace Amazon has in their growth, its’ latest expansion just announced was launching free same-day delivery in Toronto and Vancouver.

To catch up with Amazon, companies like Google, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and more are partnering with a Same-Day Courier like 1-800 Courier to develop same-day solutions in order to grow online.  The New York Courier has a national footprint and can perform the actual deliveries for any retailer within major US cities.

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